The electronic travel authority (business entrant) visa (subclass 956 and 977) has closed doors for new applications in 2013.  The visa is meant for the people who intend to visit Australia for a short-term business purposes like to attend a business-related seminar, conferences or to attend informal studies.  Subclass 956 allows you to stay in Australia in every visit while subclass 977 allows you to stay 3 months of each visit within 12 months from the day when the visa was granted or the life of the visa if the visa is less than 12 months. The visa cannot be extended after the expiry and if you wanted to extend the stay after you have left Australia, you need to apply a different type of visa before the visa expires. You must follow Australian laws and visa conditions.  You must make sure that you are free from tuberculosis, and you do not have any criminal record. You are not required to study or do any work that an Australian citizen can do.

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