Subclass 402 which is Training and Research visa closed to all new applications in 2016. Though the subclass 402 no longer accept new applications, you can be eligible for subclass 407 but you have to undertake the training and take part in the professional programs. Training and research visa comprises three streams namely research, occupational trainee, and professional development streams. The visa allowed on to take part in the structured work that related to the area of study and occupation, the visa allowed one to take part in research and professional training programs. You were eligible for training and research visa (subclass 402) if you were a professional manager that is in professional development stream, professional academic that is in research stream and if you are occupational trainee that is in occupational trainee stream. If you wanted to extend a stay in Australia, you had to apply for a new visa and you were required to include all the relevant documents and you were to pay the application charge. This is if you were in occupational trainee stream.   For the professional development stream, you were not allowed to apply while you were in Australia.  Training and Research visa( subclass 402) allowed you to enter Australia the  after been granted your visa,  you were allowed to travel to and from Australia many times as you wish, you were allowed to stay in Australia for the time stated in the visa and  you were allowed to train the place listed in the visa application. You were required to comply with the Australian laws and visa conditions while you were in Australia. It was your duty to keep up enough health insurance for the time you were to spend in Australia as you were not entitled to Medicare.  You were advised to leave Australia before your visa expires.

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