Temporary work (long stay activity) visa (subclass 401) is a visa type of temporary visa that allows one to enter Australia.  The visa allows one to work in Australia in a skilled position under the exchange stream, work in full-time basis under religious worker stream, do domestic work in full-time basis under domestic worker stream and allows one to participate in sports on high levels under the sports stream. Temporary work (long stay activity) visa (subclass 401) closed doors for new applicants in 2016.  You could be eligible of temporary work(long stay activity) visa(subclass 401) if you have been nominated in a particular position, if you are to undertake an activity that is approved and if you are equipped with skills and the required experience of the position you have been nominated. The application of the temporary work (long stay activity) visa (subclass 401) could longer this is because the character and health checks may be required. You were advised not to arrange for the travel if you applied when you were outside Australia unless if you were advised to do so in writing the visa has been granted to you. If at all you applied for this visa while you were in Australia, you were eligible for a bridging visa that would allow you to stay in Australia lawfully as you wait for your temporary work( long stay activity) visa (subclass 401) to be processed.  You were required to inform the department of any changes you have made to avoid delay in the airport or even you may be denied to board a plane.  You are advised to sue form 929 and 1022 to report any changes.  You were allowed to withdraw the visa application any time before the decision of your visa was made. Once you were granted the visa, you were able to know when the visa will expire, the visa conditions and the grant number.

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