Higher education sector visa (subclass 573) no longer accepts the new applications.  The higher education sector visa (subclass 573) is a type of visa that allows you to study the main courses of your choices in Australia.  You can study degree, masters, advanced diploma and graduate certificate.  You are eligible for higher education sector visa (subclass 573)  if you are a registered student in  Australia institutions.  The visa allows you to bring your on Australia, your family members who have accompanied you are allowed to work for 40 hours and the relatives who are over 18 years are allowed to stay in Australia for at most three months. As a student, you are required to follow the visa conditions and Australian laws while you are in Australia.  If at all you want to change the course you are required to apply another new student’s visa that is subclass 500.  If you are under 18 years you are required to keep up enough accommodation and should support general welfare for the time you will spend in Australia.  If your visa has no further stay condition, then you cannot reapply for another visa while you are in Australia and you are required to leave Australia before your visa expires. If you make any changes, you are required to let know the department concern by using immiaccount or forms 929 and 1022.  The family members accompanying you are required to comply with visa conditions and Australian laws where failure to this may lead to cancellation of visa and be required to leave Australia immediately.

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