Independent ELICOS sector visa (subclass 570) has closed doors for new applications since 2016. You are eligible for this visa if you are enrolled as a student in the registered English Language for overseas students.   Independent ELICOS sector visa (subclass 570) is a visa that permits people to study the English language Intensive in Australia.  The courses mostly lead to a certificate and the course does not result in formal awards in Australia. The visa is valid from the date you are granted. The visa explains in details your rights and the obligations.  The visa allows your family members to go with you to Australia, you are allowed to study in Australia and your family members are allowed to work for 40 hours.  The family members who are over 18 years are allowed to study for 3 months.  You and your family members must follow visa conditions and Australian laws while you are in Australia.  You must follow the requirements needed if you want to change your education provider.

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