Non-award sector visa (subclass 575) closed doors for new applications in 2016.  The visa allows you to study on the full-time basis for non- award course and other full-time courses in Australia. You are eligible for non-award sector visa (subclass 575) if you are enrolled as a student in non-awarding registered course.  Though the visa does not accept new applications, if you already have non award sector visa (subclass 575) it will be valid until the date stated in the visa. Your rights and obligations are well highlighted in the visa.  The visa allows you to study and you are allowed to come with eligible family members.  Your family members are allowed to work for 40 hours and the family members who are over 18 years they are allowed to study for 3 months. You and your family members who have accompanied you must follow visa conditions and Australian laws while you are in Australia. You are required to apply for new visa if you intend to change education provider. If you are less than 18 years, you are required to have enough accommodation and welfare arrangements. If you have made changes, you are required to tell the department by use of immiaccount or forms 929 and 1022.  The changes can be of marital status or address.  If the visa has no further conditions, you are required to leave Australia before your visa expires.

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