Subclass 846 is referred to as state or territory sponsored regional established business in Australia visa. Subclass 846 is a permanent visa that no longer accept the new applications and it allowed one to travel in and out of Australia for five years.   You were eligible for subclass 846 visa if you were a holder of subclass 457 if you had been in Australia for at least 12 months in temporary basis, if you had been sponsored by the State Government Authority and if you proved the interest on ownership of the business in Australia. When applying for subclass 846 visa you were required to pay the application fees which was normally listed on the visa application form.  You were not required to pay an additional charge if you wanted to add a family member or your partner if the visa application was not yet decided. However, you might have to pay an extra cost for health assessments, the police certificates and any other test or certificate that may be required.  For you to add any family member or your partner you were required to complete form 47BT and 47 BU. You and your family members or partners were required to meet the character and health requirements.  The health results after health examination are valid for 12 months only. You had to show that you have English language skills for you to qualify for subclass 846 visa.  You were not to be granted subclass 846 visa if you had an outstanding balance that belonged to the Australian government. If you applied for this visa while you were in Australia, then you were able to apply a bridging visa that allows one to stay in Australia lawfully.  You were required to tell the department in charge of the changes you have made through immiaccount. This changes can be with marital status or physical address.

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