Temporary work (entertainment) visa (subclass 420) is a type of temporary visa that no longer accepts new applications. This visa allowed people to work in entertainment industries either as a performer of the production staff. You were eligible to temporary work (entertainment) visa (subclass 420) if you worked in the entertainment industry or you were nominated by the entertainment sponsor. The subclass 420 visa was valid for the time of nomination or the two years.  You were required to follow visa conditions and Australian laws for the time you will be in Australia. In addition, you were required to keep up the health insurance while you were in Australia. You were not permitted to engage in any other activity apart from the one that you had been nominated.  You were required to leave Australia before your visa expired. Family members included in this visa were not allowed to enter Australia before you and when leaving the family members were to leave with you. The family members were required to stay in the family unit and keep up the health insurance.  The family members were allowed to work and study in Australia for the time they were to spend in Australia. You were required to report any changes to the department in charge to avoid delays in the airport or the denial to board a plane.

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