A passport is said to be ETA-eligible passport if it is valid as specified in the Gazette Notice and if the conditions in the Gazette Notice are satisfied with the application.  ETA- eligible passport is a type of visa that allows the applicant to visit Australia for business purposes as many time as possible and one can stay for three months in each visit.   One can be eligible for this passport if outside Australia and if one is a holder of a passport of a certain country.   According to an ETA-eligible passport, a person is a member of the family if the person is a spouse to a family head or if a dependent child of the family head, if dependent of the family head of a family.  According to an ETA-eligible passport, a person is a family member of the family unit if the applicant is a spouse to an applicant or dependent child who is not married and has not reached the age of 18 years.   A nominator is a person who is in a relevant approved form. The net employment benefit lies to a person who applies visa to seek to enter and undertake each activity in Australia and if the minister is fully satisfied that each activity is undertaken will lead to a greater employment to the Australian citizens.

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