You need to have enough money to be able to pay the tuition, travel and maintenance cost. Any applicant is supposed to meet the health and character requirements.  You are required to comply with the visa conditions listed during application. If you are intending to apply for subclass 500 visa you are required to check the document checklist tool to be able to know documents that are needed during the application.  There are many types of student visas highlighted in the Australia constitution. Subclass 500 visa is a student visa and the  processing time of this type of  visa varies with the type of stream applied.  The documentary evidence is required when applying for subclass 500.   You are required to enter the country of your passport and education provider to get the accurate checklist.  However, if you have not yet decided on the education provider, then you can choose an option of I have not decided on provider yet and you will be given clear guidance on the documents needed in a visa application.  The document checklist is normally updated twice a year and applicants are recommended to be checking it regularly. To be eligible for subclass 500 visa, you must accept to study for fulltime in Australia institution and you must organize appropriate welfare arrangement for the intended stay in Australia if you have not attained an age of 18 years.  You must be enrolled in a course that is registered on Commonwealth Register.  If you are not within Australia during the time of application, then you are required to include the Confirmation of Enrolment on the intended course in your application. Note that the letter of offer from education provider is not accepted.  However, if you are sponsored by Australian Foreign Affairs department, department of defense or you are a secondary exchange student or postgraduate research student, you will not be required to produce Confirmation of Enrolment.  Genuine temporary entrant requirement applies to all applicants.  You are required to give a clear evidence of the skills in the English language during visa application.

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