Subclass 485 visa is also referred to as temporary graduate visa. The temporary graduate visa has two streams namely the graduate work stream and post-study work stream.  Temporary graduate visa is a visa meant for international students who have graduated from Australian institution recently.   Subclass 485 visa helps the applicant to live, study and work in Australia temporary after completing the studies.  It takes 4- 5 months for the visa to be processed the graduate work stream while it takes 39- 78 days for the post-study work stream.  The applicant is supposed to be Australia when applying for the visa and even when the visa is decided.  When applying for temporary graduate visa, the applicant must be below 50 years, must hold an eligible visa, the applicant must meet health requirements though the health requirements depend on the personal circumstances, the applicant must meet study requirements for the last 6 months,   must the English language requirements and must have health insurance.  Before applying for subclass 485, the applicants must make sure that they do not have any outstanding debt that belongs to the Australian government. The length of stay depends on the stream you applied for instance for graduate work is 18months and post-study work stream is 2- 4 years depending on the qualifications.  In case your family members want to join you in Australia, they must meet all the requirements listed.  The applicants must comply with the conditions highlighted in the application form according to the Australia law.  The Australian government is not responsible for arranging employment for an applicant, therefore the applicants should note that it is their responsibility to seek for their own employment.

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