a constitutional challenge

In 1977, the Minnesota Legislature enacted a statute banning the retail sale of milk in plastic nonreturnable, nonrefillable containers, but permitting such sale in other nonreturnable, nonrefillable containers, such as paperboard milk cartons. Clover Leaf Creamery brought suit challenging the constitutionality of the statute under the Equal protection Clause, alleging that there was no rational basis for the statute. The Minnesota legislature’s purpose in passing the statute was to control solid waste, arguing that plastic containers take up more space in solid waste disposal dumps. The Minnesota Supreme Court found evidenceto the contrary: The jugs took up less space and required less energy to produce.

On appeal to the U.S. Supreme court, can the statute survive a constitutional challenge?

Is there a “rational basis” for the statute?

What effect does the evidence to the contrary have on the statute’s constitutionality?

Are other liquids that might be packaged in plastic or paper containers, like juice or water, covered by this rule? How does that affect the analysis?


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