Accounting Principles

Pleas assist with the question below so that I can complete the assignment:

Strategic planning is the setting of long term objectives, and operational planning is the use of individualized operations or activities that lead to the accomplishment of the strategic goals.

Consider the following:

You are the chief of police in a medium-sized town. Nearby cities have experienced a growing gang presence, and there are a few signs that this is spreading in your city. You are determined to not only stop this from spreading but also to implement a long-range strategy for preventing gang activity in the future.

For this project, you are to outline the plan for countering gang activity. Select three main thrusts, such as “Gang Education in Schools to Prevent Recruitment,” along with sub-points that are the operational points to achieve the strategic goals. An example of a sub-point would be “Juvenile Officers speak to groups in the school auditorium.”

Please list references used.

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