Adjust legal issue statements

Find the flaws in the statements, no research on laws needed. For instance, if you do not know if the civil or probate law should be specified, just state that the specific law is needed.

Answer the following questions for each statement: What is wrong with these issue statements? Also state what is needed to fix them?

1. Under the general laws of the state of Minnesota, is it unauthorized use of a motor vehicle if a person has permission to use a vehicle, but then misuses it, by â??spinning donutsâ? and hurting the tires?

2. Is a will valid if it is witnessed by a beneficiary?

3. Under Wisconsin corporation law, can a share certificate in a closely held private corporation be transferred by a partially fulfilled agreement, even if the share has never been properly signed and the transfer has never been listed in the books or minutes of the corporation?

4. Under some stateâ??s evidence law, it is an illegal search and seizure under criminal procedure law, and illegal under evidence rules to use secretly recorded phone conversations in a court of law in a criminal case. Under Iowa criminal law and Iowa rules of evidence, can a tape recording be used to establish a case for harassing phone calls?

5. Under Colorado law, is a personâ??s name, the name he or she uses?

6. Under New Mexico law, can the National Safety Bank of Welter use â??self helpâ? repossession of a motor vehicle without first getting court order?

7. Under Montana law, is it a crime to lock Steve in a room, if he has really been making a pest of himself generally, and it is not intended as a real restraint, just a joke?


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