An Official Police Report of Identity Fraud

Today, many utility companies need only a few pieces of information to setup an account and turn on service. The type of information required is your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. What happens when a person gets a hold of another’s information and sets up an account? This scenario involves an actual case involving this issue.

Assume the role of an investigating officer. Consider a scenario where an investigating officer, while on duty, is called at an apartment complex by a victim who wants to file a complaint. The victim states that she had just moved to this location and was in the process of turning on her utilities. However, when she contacted the phone company to arr the service, she was told that she could not do so until she paid a past due amount of $600.

When the victim explained that she was up to date on her last phone bill at her last address, the customer service agent stated that she had a second unpaid bill in her name at a different location. When the agent told her the second address where, although she had never lived, the victim realized that she had worked as a babysitter there. The agent stated he name, date of birth, and social security number were given at the time the service was established. The customer service agent also stated that the victim would have to file a police report to continue any further.

*Write your paper as if it were a police report. Include a police department name, made up locations, and names of the characters.

1. As the officer, what information do you get from the victim to initiate your investigation?

2. What paper work did you request to assist in your investigation and from whom?

3. What are some of the possible ways in which vital piece of information about the victim could have been gained?

4.Who would you consider a suspect?

5.What are the possible defenses available to the suspect?

6. What possible crimes can a suspect be charged with?

7. Describe your investigative strategy.

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