Billing Case Scenario – What should Wendell do?

Wendell gets disgusted with the ethics at Xaviar & Young and decides to go to work for a large law firm that has a litigation department handling major lawsuits. This firm, Allison & Beals, has billing guidelines that require paralegals to put n 1800 billable hours a year.

1. If it takes eight hours on the job to produce seven billable hours, how many hours a week will Wendell have to work to reach the firm goal?

2. After the first month on the job, Wendell gets a report showing he billed 150 hours but that 20 hours were written off as being duplicative of the work that an associate did.

What should Wendell do?

3. Wendell becomes concerned toward the end of the year that he will not meet the required quota. He does not have enough work to warrant working overtime to make up for the hours.

What can he do?

4. Another paralegal, Zina Zumbrun, tells Wendell that she sometimes adds a tenth of an hour to each hour’s work in order to make up for the time written off.

What should Wendell do about this?

Can he ethically do the same thing?


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