Case studies in intellectual copyright

Case Study Challenge 1
Youâ??ve created a Macromedia Flash game that tests how long it takes for a player to recognize a song. A player listens to several songs for 3-5 seconds, and then has 10 seconds to select the songs from a list. The theme from â??Jeopardyâ? plays in the background while the player selects the songs.
1. Which elements of the game are eligible to be protected by copyright?
2. Which elements, if any, are infringing someoneâ??s copyright? How would you remedy the infringement before someone notices?

3. Based on your knowledge of copyright, discuss the infringement implications for the following situations:

a) You created the game for your portfolio as you apply for developer positions at gaming companies, and donâ??t plan to distribute it.

b) You give the game as a gift to your friends, so you do not profit from the distribution.

c) You post the fame download link on your website and talk about it in several blogs and chat rooms, but do not charge moneyfor it.

Case Study Challenge 2
Youâ??re creating a video DVD yearbook that you plan to sell online, and you want to include as many elements as possible that suggest memories of the previous year. Discuss the copyright ramifications and infringement remedies for the following elements of the yearbook:
1. Popular songs in their entirety as background music throughout the video.
2. Snippets from popular TV and movies.
3. Snippets from major news events.
4. Video and photos you take around town.
5. The price of the DVD yearbook is $10, but there is a $2 discount for students.
6. Whether you credit the songs, films, and news sources at the end of the video.
7. Write a sample permissions letter for any material you think may require it.


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