Communication Improvement Plan

As you continue in your position as the new Sheriff, one of your primary concerns is the poor, and often ineffective, communication between the supervisory and line staff. You observe that the supervisors hand down directives via formal communications methods, but the front-line employees (including deputies) respond informally. The deputies communicate among each other in informal ways, as well. You are concerned that this communication disconnect is interfering with effective operations and creating conflict.

Develop improvement plan in Microsoft Word for fostering effective communication between the supervisors and the staff, consistent with the agency mission statement developed during Week 1 of the course. In your plan, include the following details:
•At least two examples of ineffective communication between supervisors and staff.
•At least two specific strategies for improving communication between supervisors and staff.
•An explanation of why these strategies would be effective in improving communication.
•Describe why formal communication is necessary for certain operations in the Sheriff’s departments, and why informal communication is preferable in other areas.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.


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