Community policing: SARA

“Community policing is a concept in which the police and the community work in co-ordination towards the betterment of the society together to address the problems , like crime in the area, drug abuse, elder abuse, or child abuse. Police officers and community together take initiatives in solving problems like crime prevention, social control and maintenance of lawand order in the society. The government defines community policing as “a policing philosophy that promotes and supports organizational strategies to address the causes and reduce the fear of crime and social disorder through problem-solving tactics and police-community partnerships.”

Community Policing has changed the face of law and order as the police are no longer the sole societal guardians. Instead, they work in collaboration with the members of the communities in which they perform their policing duties. The core component of community policing is problem solving. The police and citizens come together to engage in problem solving that is centered on the causes of crime and disorder in the society. Police, members of a community, and other organizations work together to identify and find the causes for neighborhood crime problems, then develop responses to the problems based on the problems’ causes. One of the strategies used by community policing is a four-stage problem-solving model developed by the police. This model is known as SARA. The four stages in this model are Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment (Community Oriented Policing Services, n.d.).

a) What is the core component of community policing?
b) Analyze and explain how proactive role of the police can help in crime and disorder reduction.
c) What would be the possible benefits of implementing such a program, and how would you measure its benefits?
d) Explain with the help of relevant examples and reasoning how the SARA model can help in solving the recurring problems of the society.
e) Explain the role of community policing in society.
f) Illustrate how the evolution of community policing action has changed the role of the police in America. Give suitable examples to support your answer.
g) What are the three major components of community policing? Do you think law enforcement agencies have control of the three major components? Why?


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