contacting law enforcement

Summary: Florida Representative Mark Foley suddenly resigned over his sexually explicit Internet contacts with underage congressional pages. He said, “I strongly believe that I am an alcoholic and have accepted the need for immediate treatment for alcoholism and related behavioral problems.” Republican Ohio Senator Mike DeWine called for an investigation to be held, and Ohio Representative Sherrod Brown declared that any legislative leader that knew of Foley’s activities ahead of time and did nothing should resign. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, House Majority Leader John Boehner, Florida Representative John Shimkus, New York Representative Tom Reynolds, and Louisiana Representative Rodney Alexander were all believed to be accountable for not stopping Foley or contacting law enforcements.

1. Should members of Congress be held to a different standard than other citizens?
2. It has been alleged that sexually explicit emails were sent out by Representative Foley. Should employers be able to monitor all emails sent by employees?
3. If legislative leaders knew or suspected about the emails, what actions should they have taken?

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