Crime: Gangs

Please help me with this. The group I have chosen is gangs.

In Ch. 5 and 6 you have read about classifications of juvenile delinquency and potential risk factors for different groups. Over the next several weeks you will explore a selected target group in the juvenile justice system.
? Resources: Ch. 5 and 6 in Juvenile Justice and Appendix A
? Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
? Select a target group of the juvenile justice system to work with for the remainder of the course. Please choose your target group from the following list:
1. Gangs
2. Females
3. Drug abusers
4. Violent offenders
5. Non-violent offenders
6. Status offenders
7. Another group, as approved by your instructor
? Write a profile of behaviors and circumstances that are, or could be, considered at-risk for your selected target group.
? Develop a handout to be distributed to schools, parents, and social workers, outlining the risk factors and indicators to look for when identifying at-risk youth. Your handout should be 350-700 words in length, and contain graphics. Cite any outside sources using APA formatting guidelines.


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