Crime rates in specific regions

1. Do you agree with Criminologists Messenger and Rosen field’s theory? Why or why not?
2. Do you think that there is misconception in the United States that feel we are entitled to the American Dream of prosperity? Why or why not?
3. Which is more likely to have more trouble with crime, poor urban communities that do have some access to some of their big city resources and jobs, or small rural towns that are far removed from urban resources and jobs but also may be removed from some the big problems of urban areas? Why or why not, explain?
4. Emile Durkheim believed that it did not matter whether society was in a great depression or in a period of great prosperity that if there was a breakdown in societal norms, anomie was the same? Do you agree with Durkheim’s view?
5. Do you see programs like the Good Neighbor Next Door program a positive step in lowering crime?
6. Class- How much blame can you place on the parents or guardians in regards to family values and continuing crime?
7. Do you see capitalism or communism as creating more disparity between the wealthy and poor? Is there ways to even the playing field instead of widening the gap between the two? How does this affect Criminology?
8. Do you believe crime is just a term? Does “crime” only exist in societies that have rules, government and laws? Can crime actually exist in a culture with no rules or laws?
9. Class- In your opinion, do you think that crime is a necessary evil for society to continue to grow and improve?


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