Criminal Justice Administration..

You are the administrator of the county probation/parole department and it’s the time of the year when you need to evaluate the officers. There are two officers of special concern. The first one is a veteran who has been following all the procedures and protocols. However, he has not been showing good results; a high percentage of the probationers he supervises have violated their probation and they have been incarcerated. The second officer is a new recruit, and is due for his 90-day review. He has not followed proper procedures; however, he has shown good results.
•How would you, as administrator, handle the evaluations of these employees? Which is more important-getting results or following procedures?
•For probation and parole officers, what specific characteristics of the job are motivational factors and why?
•What aspects of the position may lead to burnout? What can managers do to minimize the impact of factors that can contribute to job dissatisfaction and burnout?
•How does the subject of motivation and morale relate to supervision and evaluation? Are these concepts connected in any way?


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