Criminal Justice Professionals

1. Do you think all criminal justice professionals do some type of scientific research (whether they realize it or not)? Give an example of two a criminal justice professional (attorney, police officer/detective, probation officer, professor/researcher, CSI, etc)? How would the research compare and how would their methods be different?

2. How important is it for Criminal Justice professionals to separate their personal feelings from their job? Is there ever a time where having personal knowledge and personal feelings about a crime or to an offender beneficial? Why or why not?

3. The Death Penalty is another polarizing topic that our culture and societal views feels is acceptable whereas other countries we wish to remain allies with frown upon our continued use of the death penalty. How important is the impact of the death penalty on our culture, how do you feel we are viewed among other free world countries?

4. If everyone in society agreed on everything, do you believe that society would lose its sense of identity?

5. Society has also changed in general on appropriate methods to raise children? In the past, it was not uncommon to spank kids even in public if they act out, in fact, if a child acted out it was expected that the parent discipline the child. Nowadays, its likely that the police may be called if this happens. Although, abuse is never good, do you think that society views in regards to disciplining children has changed for better or for worse? Are children better protected today or not


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