Criminal Justice System and Whisle-blowing

Please assist with some ideas so I can complete the following assignment:

As a new department policy, your Superintendent feels it is important to encourage whistle-blowing. You have been asked to prepare a draft proposal on the new policy to be delivered at the next departmental meeting. Be sure to use a conversational tone to foster confidence in the officers. In your proposal, address the following issues:
? The importance of whistle-blowing to the criminal justice system.
? Explain when and how whistle-blowing is ethical, if at all. Is it a betrayal or a public duty?
? The key factors for success of the new policy and the threats.
? The importance of confidentiality ? how to retain anonymity to protect the whistleblower from being punished.
In addition, in your proposal:
? List the procedures for reporting infractions.
? Outline the support that will be given to whistleblowers. Be sure to provide an example and apply at least one of the articles of the police officer’s Code of Ethics to the example.

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