Criminal Justice- Topic

In 2-4 paragraphs discuss in detail TWO of the topics listed

1.Briefly compare and contrast life course and latent trait theories.

2.Discuss the factors that comprise problem behavior syndrome (PBS) and the association between PBS and crime.

3.What are the three pathways to crime identified by Loeber? Explain each of these pathways.

4.Explain the at least five differences between “adolescent-limited” and “life-course persistent” offenders. What are the differences between the offense patterns for two pathway groups?

5.What are “turning points in crime” and how do they contribute to the desistance of criminal behavior or aging-out?

6.Discuss the nature and extent of child abuse. Identify at least four causes of child abuse.

7.Discuss the nature and extent of spousal abuse. Provide at least four predictive factors of spousal abuse.


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