Criminal Offenses: Theft and Felony Murder

Able and Boyd walk into the bar and order 2 beers. Able and Boyd have no money and intend to drink and leave without paying. The bartender gets the beers and when the bartender hands the beer to Able and Boyd he ask for the money while still holding the beers. Able tries to grab the drink but the bartender refuses and pulls the drink away. Able grabs the bartender by the collar, grabs the beer and runs out. Boyd follows close behind. As Able runs out he knocks over Charlene on his way out. Able and Boyd then jump into Charlene’s running automobile. Charlene’s car was running and had the doors open. Able and Boyd empty the coin dish in Charlenes car. Able and Boyd run a red light at high speed and cause a crash that kills D. Able and Boyd are arrested. Charlene is rushed to the hospital and dies from an undiagnosed brain tumor that ruptured during the fall.

What crime did Able and Boyd Commit?

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