Criminal Procedure Case

Details: This will be your first time in criminal court. There are typically several attorneys standing in front of the judge on each matter. In addition, there is court staff, law enforcement, probation, etc.

You are to meet with the interns to discuss and name the players, parties, and branch of government that each of the persons represent, if appropriate, and describe their task in the courtroom. All three branches of government are represented when court is in session; see if you can figure out who’s who.

Public Defender
Private Defense Counsel
District Attorney
Deputy District Attorney
Probation Officer
Court Clerk
Court Reporter
Correctional Officer
Victim Advocate
State Statutes (Penal Code)

you only need to select seven roles to discuss.
1. You must discuss the roles, responsibilities, and tasks of the players that you select to discuss.

2. Finally remember to indicate what branch of government (executive, legislative or judicial) the player belongs.


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