Critical Thinking and Application Problems

Dr. Ima Dangerous works for a Florida county clinic that provides medical services to those who cannot afford private medical care and who are uninsured. On June 1, Ima was indicted in Georgia for murder. The indictment alleges that he intentionally killed two people who were his patients when he worked in Big Hospital in Atlanta. Ed Minster, the manager of the clinic, learned of the indictment the next day. He immediately suspended Ima without pay and scheduled a hearing for June 21. On June 15, Ima was provided with copies of the following documents that Ed had received from the prosecutor in Georgia: the indictment; copies of affidavits from nurses and physicians indicating that they had seen Ima inject the victims with an unknown substance directly before their deaths; a copy of a psychiatric report in which Ima was diagnosed as dangerous; and a copy of a letter from the administrator of Big Hospital to Ima reprimanding Ima for having contact with dying patients of other physicians. In the letter, the administrator penned that “several staff members are concerned about your preoccupation with death.” Ima was given the opportunity to present his case. At the close of the hearing, a board of physicians and administrators of the clinic voted to terminate Ima’s employment. Three months later Ima was tried and acquitted of the charges in Georgia. Ima has sued the Florida county clinic for violating his due process rights in both his suspension and termination.

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