Cyber-Crime Court Cases

Substantive Research

You are required to complete a substantive research paper assignment comprising of 5 pages Microsoft Word document.

Conduct research on atleast two cybercrime court cases, decisions and or appeals to cybercrime case that took place within the last 10 years.

Identify the type of cybercrime, how the crime was committed, and the motivation behind the crime (revenge, financial gain, exploitation, sexual satisfaction, etc.).

Discuss the issues encountered and how the prosecution established jurisdiction; for example, is it the “bad guy’s” location or the location of his co-conspirators, the location of Internet Service Provider (ISP), where the victim(s) are located, etc., the admissibility of evidence, and how the evidence was obtained (consent or search warrant). Be sure to include the defense counsel’s arguments and appeals.

Identify the conviction and sentencing, what U.S. code or state law was applied to the crime and the sentence received by the criminal or criminal enterprise.

The assignment should come to a logical conclusion by identifying and summarizing the major obstacles of prosecution, what is currently in place to overcome the obstacles, and what may happen in the future to help the cause. The major impacts of cybercrime on the criminal justice system should also be discussed.

Lastly, discuss the emerging trends in cybercrimes and what law enforcement and the private sector are doing to combat these crimes.

Your information should be obtained from a variety of sources. Listed below are a couple of good sources to get you started, but please also conduct your own research.

Cite any sources in APA format.


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