Cybercrime Criminal Explanations

You receive a phone call from a credit card company stating your payment is late and has an outstanding balance of $3500.00 for purchases made last month. You state you have not made any purchases for that amount of money nor do you own a credit card from that company. From your textbook and lecture reading, and surfing the Internet, discuss:

What is the first thing you should do if you suspect fraudulent charges? Should you report the activity to your local police or other law enforcement agency?
What necessary steps can you take to facilitate the investigation?
What are some of the ways that criminals steal identities in cyberspace?
Are there several motives for committing cybercrime? Is cybercrime committed because of greed, anger, revenge, or is it just because of plain boredom?
From your review of the various motivating factors and explanations of committing cybercrime:

Give examples for each different motive for committing cybercrime.
Which motivation or explanation do you believe best explains why cyber criminals commit online crimes? Provide at least three reasons for your choice.
Search the Internet to learn about “grey hat” hackers and discuss how they exploit security vulnerabilities for the “common” good, but still are crimes.

Is there a difference between the treatment which is given to a “grey hat hacker” and a “white” or “black hat hacker”? If so, discuss.
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