Cybercrime Research History

Complete a research paper based on a research obtained from a variety of sources, including some legal research on current court cases that demonstrate your position on the impact of cybercrimes on the criminal justice system.

Find out about the history of cybercrimes. Include the changing techniques used to commit the crimes, and elaborate on the changing “face” of cyber criminals. What tools are used by the “bad guys,” and how cyber criminals have become more sophisticated?

Is law enforcement able to keep up with the ever changing cybercrimes? Why or why not?

Research on what agencies or private sector companies are equipped to combat and defend against cybercrimes, based on their area of work (i.e. Terrorism, asset protection, and homeland security).

Your work should define cybercrimes in detail (i.e. What is the main objective of the crime, money, terror, revenge, exploitations) and identify if there are certain groups of individuals engaging in cybercrimes or if there are particular profiles of cyber criminals.

The assignment should come to a logical conclusion summarizing the impacts of cybercrime on the criminal justice system, and the biggest obstacles faced by the criminal justice system.

You can choose federal, state, county or local jurisdictions or any combination of jurisdictions for your paper. You can also incorporate private sector companies that assist law enforcement in their efforts.

Provide your answers in 3-4 page Microsoft Word document.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.


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