Dalton Department Store: Religious Discrimination

Cara has been employed by Dalton Department Store for 10 years as a sales associate in the women’s department. After she became a Muslim, she decided to wear a burka, a full-body cloak, with a small mesh-like screen to see through. When she reported for work wearing burka, her employer told her that she was in violation of the company’s dress policy. Cara was told to change her clothes or go home. Cara refused to change her clothes and left. She was contacted by her employer later that day and was told that she could continue to work for the company in the stock room at no reduction in pay.

Dalton Department Store has no liability under Title VII because Cara was offered a reasonable accommodation

Cara has an actionable claim under Title VII because she was demoted and adverse employment actions are not considered reasonable accommodations.

Dalton Department Store is liable for religious discrimination because there was no evidence that their customers would have been offended by Cara’s clothing.

Cara does not have an actionable claim for religious discrimination because she was aware of the grooming policy before she decided to follow the Muslim religion.


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