debriefing report

Refer to the notes posted here in your file. They will represent the product of your interview of Mr. Castillo.

Your task is to generate a concise debriefing report from the notes posted that includes all the facts provided in the notes. Use the posted format as a guide. Submit the report to the instructor’s drop box.

Read the posted notes carefully. Often, interviews cover a great deal of ground and skip back and forth as specific issues are discussed. As a result, many dates and times are not in chronological order.

Remember, the report and the notes must not conflict on any material issues. The report should be written in the third person. Some police departments prefer the first person, federal agencies do not. For example, if you are John Jones, you will be Special Agent Jones for this project and refer to yourself as such. For example, if you are describing the debriefing of Mr. Castillo, you will say, “On September 1, 2004, Hector Castillo was debriefed by Special Agent John Jones at…”

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