Defamation of Character

Star famous motion picture actor. Shutterbut take a picture of STar holding a roast beef sandwich without Star’s knowledge. Shutterbug sold the picture to the National Beef Organization. Although well known Star was vegetarian Shutterbug assured NGO that Star had recently renounced vegetarian status. NGO did not attempt to verify whether STar had given consent to the photo and NGO published the photo holding the roast beef sandwich with caption “i love animals -i eat them every day”. Star humiliated, forced to resign from board several animal rights organizations. Star brings action based on defamation against NBO. Will Star prevail?

Yes because the photo was printed in magazine such as it was sufficiently permanent to constitute libel.

Yes, NBO acted recklessly when published photo without verification whether consent given.

No because Star is public figure.

No because NGO is media defendant


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