Define and explain Contract Law Terms-25 terms

1. What is the difference between law and morality.

2. What is the general function of the articles and amendments of the U.S. Constitution.
3. What is vicarious liability.
4. What are the six elements of a contract.
5. What is the purpose of the UCC in contract law.
6. What is the difference between a unilaterial and a bilaterial contract.
7. What are the three requirements of a valid offer.
8. What is the mirror image rule
9. What are the various means by which an offer can be revoked.
10. What is the difference between active fraud, passive fraud and misrepresentation.
11. What general presumption does the law make about a persons capacity to contract.
12. When does a person reach the age of majority
13. What is the legal effect of contracts made by persons who are mentally impaired
14. What is consideration
15 What is meant by the term unconscionable
17. What is the effect of illegality on a contract
18. What are the rules regarding licenses and illegality
19 What are the consequences of an illegal agreement
20. What is a blue law and how may it affect contracting
21. What could be considered an agreement contrary to public policy
22. What is in pari delicto
23. What agreements must be written under the statute of frauds
24. What information must be in a written contract
25. What is the parol evidence rule


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