Defining and Understanding Of Contract Terms

1. What is social contract theory
2. What is rational ethics
3. What are the arguments supporting social responsibility
4. How does the principle of stare decisis provide stability to our legal system
5. What is the role of statutory law in the legal system.
6. What is the difference between a tort and a crime
7. What remedies are available in tort law
8. What is the nature of privity in contract law
9. What is the difference between an express and an implied contract
10. What is the difference between the acceptance of an offer in a unilaterial contract and the acceptance of an offer in a bilaterial contract
11. What is mutual assent
12. What 5 elements must be proved to establish that contract is defective because of fraud
13. What is the nature of physical and emotional duress
14. What is the general definition of capacity to contract
15. What is the legal effect of contracts made by persons who are intoxicated or drugged
16. Can a promise not to sue be consideration
17. What are the possibilities when a disputed amount occurs in contract law
18. What is the rationale behind usury laws
19. What abuses did the statute of frauds attempt to eliminate.
20. What is the best evidence rule


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