developer vs municipality. What are the arguments

A municipality hires a developer (who indicate they have the finance to undertake the project) to create a mixed use development selling to them the land far below cost. The developer deposit $1m in escrow as good faith. The developer buys lots surrounding the property and after 1 year has not commenced the project. They han no mrrting of the mind.The municipality refund the monies in escrow then seek to sell the land. the redeveloper sues and obtains an order preventing the property from being sold, arguing that the municipality was not acting in good faith. The judge is reconsidering this order in 10 days and will lift it if you can convince her to do so.

In a well-written and thoughtful
• Summarize your argument to the judge taking into consideration the issues that the redeveloper will raise.
• Apply the applicable general laws to the facts and issues raised in the fact pattern.
• Discuss the theories of ethics and morals from the vantage point of all major actors in the fact pattern.


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