Did the employer violate OSHA duties?

Big Jim Company sponsored a picnic for employees and purchased a propane grill equipped with a standard-sized propane tank for the picnic. To make sure there was enough propane for all the cooking that was to be done at the picnic, the employer also purchased a larger propane tank to replace the smaller propane tank that came with the grill. Though the larger propane tank contained a label warning that it should not be used with grills designed for smaller tanks, the employer was able to connect the larger tank to the grill. When the grill was turned on, two employees who had volunteered to do the cooking determined that the gas flow was not adequate to cook the meat, so they tried to adjust the larger propane tank and the valve connecting it to the grill to increase the flow of propane. After those adjustments were made, propane began to leak from the larger tank and caused an explosion which injured both of the employees who had volunteered to do the cooking.

Did the employer violate any of the duties imposed on it by OSHA? If not, why not. If so, what duties were violated?


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