Discrimination Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Xx. Jennings, an African American man, works as a legal secretary for Harper and Williams, Attorneys. Although his work was adequate when he began, it never improved and never reached the level of competence of the other secretaries in the office with comparable experience. He was never offered any suggestions for improving his work, although the other secretaries, all of whom were white, were offered such guidance during annual reviews. If he is later terminated due to less than satisfactory performance, will Harper and Williams have any cause for concern regarding a race discrimination claim? Explain.

xx. A video camera, aimed at the factory floor of the building where U.S. Postage stamps are printed, records what appears to be Murray, a line employee, stealing sheets of stamps from the production line. Based on the videotape, factory officials search Murray’s locker and find the stolen stamps. Explain whether Murray can have the search invalidated on the grounds that it was unjustified?

xx. Four individuals have applied for a job at Scrubbers Car Wash. Gutierrez is the only U.S. citizen among the applicants. Two other applicants (Sven and Johnson) are documented aliens, and one (Callahan) is an undocumented alien. In what order does IRCA allow Scrubbers to give preference to one applicant over another?

xx. Nix is terminated for refusing to decline to appear for jury duty. Even though the term of Nix’s employment is not specified by any contract, does Nix have a claim against his employer, arising out of this termination? Explain.

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