Discussing Family Violence in Same Sex Relationships

Jill and Marlene live together in a committed relationship. Jill tends to be insecure and easily becomes jealous. She has started to become aggressive, and one night, her verbal battering crosses over to physical violence. Jill pushes Marlene, causing Marlene to stumble and fall hitting her head on a table. Blood gushing from a gash on her head, Jill takes Marlene to the emergency room for medical attention.

Hoping against hope for help in leaving this relationship, Jill tells the doctor what had happened, including the history of verbal battering. The doctor looks at Jill, smiles solicitously, and suggests she go home, “kiss, and make up.”

Why do you think the doctor did this?
What misconceptions is the doctor operating under?
Do the dynamics of lesbian battering differ from those in heterosexual couples? How?
What do you believe the doctor’s response should have been?

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