Domestic Violence Theories and Case Study

Jim comes from a traditional and conservative background. His father worked hard to support his wife and six children. He controlled the finances, and the couple had only one car, often leaving Jim’s mother isolated and unable to get out of the house to participate in the children’s activities. Jim’s father would often become frustrated and yell at his wife for minor incidents. He also believed strongly in corporal punishment and used a belt to punish his six children. Punishment often extended to incidents beyond intentional misbehavior by the children, such as spilling a glass of milk by accident.

Jim is now married to Rhonda, a woman similar to his mother. But Rhonda works outside the home. In Jim’s view, this is necessary to produce enough income to have a quality standard of living. In Rhonda’s view, it is necessary to maintain her sanity.

Rhonda comes from a background similar to Jim’s, but she also experienced incest over the course of several years. When she was 13, Rhonda had an abortion but never told Jim of this incident.

Jim and Rhonda’s relationship is rocky, and he often physically abuses her, taking care not to leave any visible bruises. Feeling it is his “right” as head of the household, Jim also often sexually assaults Rhonda. Lately, he has also begun sexually abusing their daughter.

Jim and Rhonda have two children, who are both in elementary school. The children are allowed to watch anything they like on television. They enjoy MTV and cartoons but prefer those cartoons that depict a lot of violence. Both children also enjoy playing violent video games. Recently, the school expressed concern over the boy’s behavior – it seems to the schools officials that he is somewhat of a schoolyard bully. In addition, according to them the little girl, they say, seems docile and withdrawn. She does not have a behavior problem but she seems to have difficulty socializing and trusting others.

– Compare and contrast the various theories on domestic violence.
– Use examples from the scenario above to support evidence for or against each theory.
– Conclude with opinion on whether you agree or disagree with the theories.

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