Effects of Child Abuse Questions

1. Which is not true about child abuse?
a. Few criminals who are violent offenders have histories of child abuse and neglect.
b. Many children carry to the next generation the same type of treatment they endured.
c. The physical effects of child abuse are only part of the child’s injuries.
d. Abused children commonly suffer long-term psychological damage and guilty feelings.

2. Which question should be omitted from an interview between an officer and an abused child?
a. Was there any enticement?
b. Who did it?
c. Where did it happen?
d. Why did the abuse occur?

3. True or False
The interview on an abused child should conclude the interview session by complimenting the child on his/her maturity and sense of responsibility.

4. True or False
Most child molesters choose children they do not know personally so as to avoid being caught.


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