Employment Laws & Temporary Transfer

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47. Definition (1):

“….However, new employees and those hired after a break in continuity of service shall not have seniority status for a period of sixty (60) calendar days. The company, at its option, may demote, transfer, lay off or dismiss these employees without obligation to rehire”.

“Employees continued in service after the sixty (60) calendar day period shall be placed on the seniority list and be given credit for service with the company from the time of hire or, in the case the employee is rehired, from the time of rehire. Where a problem arises concerning two or more people with the same date of seniority, clock number will be the deciding factor.”

“Excepts as provided in this paragraph, all provisions of the contract become effective for new employees after thirty days (30 days).”

2. 65. Temporary Transfer (11)

“Where necessitated by production of a temporary or emergency nature, it is agreed that the Company shall have the right to make temporary transfer without regard to seniority provided the employee so affected is paid at his or her own rate or the rate of the classification to which temporarily changed, whichever is higher”

“The Company further agrees to notify the Union of such temporary transfers, which will not exceed thirty (30) calendar days unless extended by written mutual agreement between the Company and the Grievance Committee Chairperson.

“It is expressly understood that the provisions of this paragraph are not to be used in successive order as would apply to any one individual. Furthermore, the practice of temporarily transferring him or her to his or her regular job for several days and then temporarily transferring him or her for another period of time is not to be considered permissible under the terms of this paragraph.”


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