Equality of Justice

Answer the questions listed below for each of the four articles appearing in Issues 8 and 11 in Debating Crime. Provide a 50 word minimum response to each question.
Issue 8: “Black Jurors: Right to Acquit? (Jury Nulification)” by Paul Butler, p. 108
Under what circumstances does the author believe jurors should vote according to conscience rather than law? Does the Supreme Court approve or disapprove of this practice? Why?

Issue 8: “Jury Nulification: A Perversion of Justice?” by Andrew D. Leipold, p. 111
According to the author, what is the correct forum in which people should disagree with the law? Why does he believe the courtroom is not the place for disagreement?

Issue 11: No Equal Justice: Race and Class in the American Criminal Justice System by David Cole, p. 138
How do the statistics David Cole presents support his argument that the criminal justice system is biased against minority citizens? Do you think these statistics are accurate? What do you think they reveal about the criminal justice system?

Issue 11: “Race, Crime and the Administration of Justice: A Summary of the Available Facts” by Christopher Stone, p. 141
What does the author write about the progress of diversity in the criminal justice system?

Answer the following: Select and identify one of the four articles; present the author’s viewpoints, then present arguments against assertations made by the author. Be less emotional and more factual by supporting your argument with examples.
Cite your sources according to APA requirements.


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