Factors regarding police officer corruption

Question #1

Identify and discuss the factors regarding police officer corruption and the impact it has upon the community.

Question #2

Identify and discuss police practices, specifically questionable practices and their effects of the local community.

Question #3

Identify and Discuss the two Police Commissions created in the mid 1960’s. What ere some of the policing issues that were identified and how did these commissions improve community policing and the image of the law enforcement community?

This is the instructors instruction.

– Write your paper with one person on your team being the moderator of the discussion. The moderator gives a question to each of the other team members regarding the topic you are writing on (this can be one topic or several of the topics). The team member answers the question in an essay format. Be sure to include a title page, reference the articles you use and a conclusion to some up the panel discussion.


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