Family Violence – Safety Measures and Community Resources

Becky and Tim are involved in a turbulent relationship. Tim has continuously suppressed all of Becky’s efforts to secure employment. They live in a small single-wide trailer several hundred yards from the main road. They have two young children, aged one and two, who are unable to make the trip from the trailer to the main road on foot because the ground is too rough for Becky to push them in a stroller, and she has no vehicle.

One night, Tim became enraged because Becky “allowed” his dinner to burn when she was changing the baby’s diaper. This was not the first time Tim hit her with his fists, but this time, vwas certain he had broken one of her ribs and left her with possible internal injuries. Tim was also frightened. He had never hurt Becky that badly before. He called for an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived and transported Becky to the hospital while Tim remained home with the children. Becky told the hospital personnel that she stumbled and fell into a table. Becky’s injuries were not consistent with this story, and the doctor probed further until Becky finally told the truth.

Becky begged the doctor not to phone the police. She had no money to pay the rent on the trailer. She had no job and had two small children to care for. They would be homeless if Tim was sent to prison. The doctor promised Becky that the police would take care of things. The doctor phoned the police, Tim was arrested, and the children were picked up by the CPS.

Detail safety measures Becky can engage in to ensure her safety when Tim is released from jail.
Detail community resources available to Becky.
Discuss options Becky may have and make recommendations as to which of those options is the safest.


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