Grammar issues in law

Can you help me determine the errors and correct the following?

1. The court will announce it’s finding in due time.

2. Prior to the attorney presenting his argument, he began to review his notes, doing some legal research, preparing his presentations and practiced his argument.

3. One of the tasks of a paralegal is to take proficient copius notes while in a conference and reviewing the notes with the attorney and then to assist the attorney and in drafting the final product for the client’s review.

4. Finding many of the objectives impossible to achieve because of the complexity of the project.

5. Considering the courts jurisdictional issues with party’s the result wasn’t to apealling.

6. With the court desission in the matter, the party’s decided to entertain mediation and arbitration as a means of resolving and settling the case at hand before the court had another opportunity to render and hold another disastrously bad ruling.


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