Health care administration towards malpractice insurance

You are the Manager/CEO of a hospital and you just hired a new OB/GYN physician/surgeon. Your facility may need to provide malpractice insurance for this doctor with MD credentials. Obtain two quotes from two different malpractice insurance companies specializing in physician malpractice policies for a ten year practicing OB/GYN physician/ surgeon with delivery privileges. The insurance coverage quoted must be documented as either an occurrence or a claims made policy.
Please describe the financial impact of the cost of the malpractice insurance for the OB/GYN physician/surgeon on the hospital. Can the hospital legally provide this policy for the doctor? What means does the hospital have or what budgetary adjustments must be made to afford this policy? How will this additional cost require the hospital to set parameters on the productivity of this physician and the established charges for OB/GYN services? What other legal and ethical impacts will there be to the hospital and community?


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