Hearsay exceptions

As your wiretap investigation rolls on, you continue to pursue other investigative strategies. You are working with the AUSA to identify witnesses who can testify before a federal grand jury when it comes time to obtain indictments against the defendants. During an interview with one cooperating informant, the AUSA makes a distinction between the admissibility of hearsay evidencebefore the grand jury and the exclusion of it at trial. You realize that while you have a general understanding as to what constitutes hearsay evidence, you feel you need to become more familiar with the subject, especially relative to the exceptions to the hearsay rule before the grand jury.

Can you research and prepare a briefing. It should explain the concept of general hearsay and the rationale behind the hearsay rule. Could you also explain and discuss the two exceptions to the hearsay rule that they were assigned. Finally, could you explain how the use of hearsay in a federal grand jury verses differs from its use in a state court.


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